These photographs, these stories, it’s all that I do. 20% of all the money I make selling photographs goes directly to a village in Laos, which has no clean water.

…And the rest goes to supporting my journey around the world. I have travelled all these years only through the support and love of the world’s people. Buying my photographs will help me continue the journeying that I am still to do. If you haven’t read the page already, check out Where the money goes to see the family that I also sponsor through the sales of my photos.

I am lucky enough to have a laptop, a computer and can speak enough broken languages to say “can you please print this for me” at global photo printing places. If you cannot get to me in whatever random city I am in, I would love to send you a printed, signed copy of my photographs from the random city I am in. I’ll even throw in a back story about the journey your actual photo took to get to you.

door gallery exhibit

We can do this all through Paypal, so no drama’s there.

Just send me an email at : and tell me what piece of nomadsight history you would like to purchase.

Matted 8×10 prints: $100

Love and Gratitude, Allen.

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