These films are dedicated to the family and friends that hold and support me in each city. My love and gratitude is beyond the tangible and beyond words but exists inside, these films are an attempt to summarize my experience for them to see.

One Hat One Hand


Nomadsight Worley Mountain

Nomadsight Vendemmai Italia

Nomadsight Katabatik California

Nomadsight Weimar Germany

Nomadsight, Monchengladbach Germany

Nomadsight, Berlin, Photo Series Year 4:

Barcelona Exhibit, Year 3 photos.

Preview for Barcelona exhibit.

Sending my love to Bilbao, Year 2 photos.

World photography exhibit set up on the shell building in Salamanca Spain, August 2011. Year One Photos.

Nomadsight is a temporary street art instalment of world photography, it moves from city to city and in this manner grows it collection.

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