I wasn’t sure about it at first, things had lead me here, I can watch it stretch back to a dot on the horizon where it burst again and unfolds into that memory that had been created.  My hands where moist as each story, each piece of me was placed on this ancient wall, on a cobble stone street in Casco Viejo Bilbao.

I had worked in a kitchen here, learning how to finely chop chives so that the knife doesn’t make a sound, learning to paint plates with thin lines of balsamic vinegar reduction, what “venge” and “vale” and “vamos” means and the combinations there of.  How to pour cidra from above my head onto the the rim of a thin glass, oxidizing it and giving it the zing it needs before passing it around to a group of friends.

As life goes you are born with out fear and accepting and trusting of all that comes your way.  I arrived in Bilbao as such with my arms open and was received into a home, where I learned those things that are taught through demonstration.  I built relationships, and worked as I said, filtering through and finding what it is that I want and need.  I showed some of my photos to my friends here as I have before, we talked about what I could do with them, what I could do to make some money while I was here.  Through their encouragement and support, I printed 18 8″ x 10″ and 20 3″ x 5″ photos.  Together we matted them on paper and took them to the street to sell, I don’t live in a place long enough to have a show in a gallery in a building, or to have a job to work as a photographer with a studio, this matched my life and for that it made me anxious.  But as we started putting up the photos people started to gather to see…..

Athens Greece
November 2013

DCIM101GOPRO IMG_8483 IMG_8478



Venice Italy (Rialto Bridge)

October 2013



Moto Di Lovencia Italy

October 2013

IMG_7067 IMG_7061


Conegliano Italy

September 2013

IMG_6975 IMG_6985


Cison Italy

August 2013

IMG_6115 IMG_6120


Tarzo Italy

August 2013

IMG_5744 IMG_5726



Katabatik Sierra Nevadas of California

June 2013

IMG_3481 IMG_3486 IMG_3549



Bogota Colombia

February 2013





San Francisco U.S.A

September 2013

_DSC7201 _DSC7133 _DSC7117


Weimar Germany (UNESCO Site, Johann Sebastian Bach’s House)

May 2012

DSC_0010-2 DSC_0035 DSC_0011


Monchengladbach Germany

March 2012



nomadsight_street_gallery_monchengladbach_1 nomadsight_street_gallery_monchengladbach_4



Berlin Germany

February 2012





nomadsight_street_gallery_barcelona_spain nomadsight_street_gallery_barcelona_spain_3 nomadsight_street_gallery_barcelona_spain_2


Bilbao Baque Country (Gugenheim Museum)

November 2011

The Gugenheim Bilbao

Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 11.56.47 AM Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 11.22.17 AM



Caceres Spain

September 2011




Salamanca Spain

August 2011




Leon Spain

August 2011

nomadsight_street_gallery_leon_spain_2 nomadsight_street_gallery_leon_spain_1



Bilbao Basque Country

July 2011

nomadsight_street_gallery_bilbao_spain nomadsight_street_gallery_bilbao_spain_2



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