“Can you feel it?” Paris France, December 2008

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Paris France, December 2008.

After spending the last three months as a guest, first in Ireland for court, then in London with Roxy, I arrived in Paris and knew I wanted to see her alone, through the lens of my dreams bring forth the romance I created for this city.  I stayed away from the guesthouses and the hostels and found next to Notredam cathedral a bridge by the river, here I laid out my sleeping pad and bag and on a surprisingly warm and clear December night made it my home for a week.  Late one night after settling in, I heard voices approaching, footsteps and laughter, I was at ease.  It came in like song with the flow of the water the click of their feet on the stones the low voice of mummer and the high of laughter, like song.  The image of carnal love that comes to mind with Paris was played out there under the bridge where i slept by the river and the lights on Notredam. Two couples came under the bridge where I layed to make love, by the river and the night.

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