“Ebb and Flow” Stiges Portugal, April 2006

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Stiges Portugal, April 2006.

I met Fernando and Jose for the first time when I showed up at there flat in Valencia.  Gabriel knew them, I met Gabriel on the Street in Grenoble France.  “I know you Don’t know me, and I dont know you, but if you want you can stay with me and my roomates, we are students.” I did, they told me I should see, the Fires of Valencia.  They had friends there, Fernando and Jose.  I stayed with them for a month, then left. They wrote me and said they where going on a road trip around spain and Portugal.  Said I could go with them if I wanted. I came back. In four days we drove from valencia, to Porto, to Libon, to Salamanca, and back to valencia.  I told them they drive too fast, they laughed.  We stopped here at the most southern west point of continental europe. A slow point in the change of tide.

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