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Bilbao, Basque Country

August, 2011.

This was close to the start.  I had been working in a kitchen in the old quarter of the city, learning how to finnely chop chives the the knife doesn’t make a sound.  How to paint plates with balsamic vinegar reduction.  The art of basque food, pintxos, and txocoli, merluza and squid.  The food was amazing, but I was broke.  I was learning you see, hoping to get into a paid position.  “Spain is broke my friend.”  I sold beer during this festival, Semana Grande in Bilbao, its bilbaos party, like running of the bulls is for Pamplona, San Fermin, or the Falles in Velencia.  Here, its just a party.  I needed to be alone, so I took my camera and listened to Radiohead, I saw this pillar and the crowd moving about it.  I climbed up and waited.  Within 30 minutes the scene you see here happened.

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