“Ich Bin Ein Berliner” Berlin Germany, April 2012

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Berlin Germany, April 2012

I wanted to stay inside the hostel, it was cold and for the last three days I had been taking advantage of the city.  Rosie’s for Dub Step, and techno nights in buildings without names.  You walk in and its smoke and lights and sound that beats through you.  The music never stops, its a ride with out beginning, middle or end; so when you go to leave you are surprised to see that the sun has come up, your eyes struggle to adjust to the sights of the streets, of the day time.  We all move about like lost creatures pulled from our natural habitats, confused we try and find whatever its we call home.  I went home with Georgia from Greece, we couldn’t talk at all, so it was with our eyes and hands.  Her hair smelt of gasoline, a story that I was left to imagine.  I rode the train with her to the airport, it started snowing as she walked into the airport waving good bye.  On the way back I walked the long way and found this reflection, waited for the walker and took the picture.

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