“In The Beginning” Alaska USA, June 2008

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Alaska July 2008.

The boat pulled into the harbor. The run was good, this was going to be the first time our legs touched solid ground in month.  30 days at sea, and even though the land was near enough at times to through a rock to, we didn’t feel it with our feet, no we were bound to the ship much as the helm, the net, or the boom where.  We were machines parts necessary to catch the 1.3 million pounds of salmon that we pulled onto deck that year.  But here we where 30 days with out a clean water to shower in, the water from the sea being or only source, running low on supplies salmon became the only item on the menu.  Salmon with maple syrup , salmon with potatoes and ketchup, salmon with salmon and salmon sauce. We were back where we started, with shaky legs we ran, up into the mountains, up to the glaciers that laid blue and white against dark green.  This photo was taken on that day, looking five feet down, to the streaming water from a glacier, the crushed stone turning the water into smoke.

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