Mönchengladbach, Deutschland

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This film was made for the good people of M.G. who took me, a lone traveler, and shared with me there life. Im so thankful to Myriam, who I first me In San Francisco in 2010. I continued traveling and then setting up exhibits in cities around europe. I was in Berlin and she invited me to her home town to have a show there. It went amazingly. Through her I met, I think most of the town? In no place before or since have I found this level of support! To you in this town surrounded by coal and steel plants, to you who shared with me your life and gave to support me and this project, thank you!

The music is by Dominick Martin, who lives part time in Monchengladbach.  The dialogue in the end is from a radio interview I gave with one of the local stations.  The image you see being pasted up is titled “How to kiss” and was taken a year before in Bilbao during Semana Grande.  I chose this picture for M.G., one becuase they liked it, I think 4 different people bought this print while I was there and because its about love and well, M.G. showed me some love and I thought this would be a good way to return it.

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