Nomadsight Bilbao, Year 2

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This project is in some small way an attempt to share that story and ideal. I set up world photography exhibits of the people and places i lived among. The exhibit here, set up on the Gugenheim Museum in Bilbao. For two hours the exhibit was up, until security where notified and i had to take it down.

The slide show of photos is a serries from year two (Febrauary 2007 to December 2007). This video was shot between july and december of 2011, and is dedicated to the family and friends that held me there. My love and gratitude is beyond the tangible and beyond words but exsists inside, this film is an attempt to summarize us for them to see.

The music is by La Baldosa Flotante you can find more here:

The second song is a street performance by a group of singers that mets weekly in Bilbao to sing together.

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