“Open Your Eyes” Tad Lo Laos, July 2009

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Tad Lo Laos July 2009. I had been staying in Tad Lo for a few weeks at this point helping Monk Ouys Family in the rice field, learning how to sharpen a sigh on a stone and speak Laotian. From my bungalow on the river I saw the kids playing in the waterfall. The sun was low and shinning right up the valley to them. It was so beautiful; I grabbed my camera and ran the short distance to them. Mister Joy, they called as I arrived (which means “thin” in Laotian, I like the English version better, but that’s what the village knew me as.) I helped Soy and Cum, Ouys brothers and their friends pull on a log to watch it float down the river. In an instant I was on my back with my cameras in the water. I grabbed the camera and looked up and saw all of the kids lined up as you see here. I shook the water off of the camera and got three shots before it died.

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