“Street Sounds” Dublin Ireland, May 2006

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Dublin Ireland, May 2006. 35mm Film.

I arrived in Dublin after running out of money in Spain.  I thought that, I might stick to that, be free from money as well.  I decided that I would keep money going through me, it was going to be a challenge I wasn’t ready to face.  I knew I could go back to the Baleric Islands and work at some resort, I was told when I was there that I could. But then I felt like I wanted to see more, something New.  I fleeced it.  “Tomorrow if I go down to the docks and get a cheap ticket to the islands, I’ll go there, if not, I’ll fly to Ireland.” The next morning walking down from Park Gruel in Barcelona to the dock.  It was some bank holiday and everything was closed, no boats.  So with I flew to dublin.

“How long do you plan on staying in our country?” Irish immigration officer.

“Well, as long as I can I guess.” me

“What do you mean as long as you can?”

“Well I need to get a job.”

“Ohhh, ok well can I see your work visa?”

“ummm no, I dont have one, I was hopeing you could help me with that.”

“Well how much money do you have?” sounding more and more concerned.

“Not much thats why I need the job, I have like 200 euros.” confused by stating the obvious.

“Wait a minute so your tellin me that you dont have a work visa and you only have 200 euros and you want me to let you into my country with a work visa?”

“umm yep”

“Here’s whats going to happen, Im going to stamp your passport and give you three days to figure out how to get the feck out of me country”

I would stay in a hostel for free when it wasn’t booked, other nights I slept on the street, I met John here, he plays the piano in the street.

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