“The Young” Ichtegem Belgium, February 2009

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Eiregem Belgium, March 2009.

I had just left the Sahara Desert. I was sick, really, really sick. The kind where everything leaves your body from all possible routes, where you have a fever.  It was hot and I wanted to get north, to the Oasises, to Touzer, to sit in clear clean water until whatever this was left me. Yvette and Rita Picked me up.  Rita a nurse and mother, and Yvette a farmer and a mother as well.  I laid in there car unable to talk.  They nursed me back to health and for the next 5 days we spent together until they had to fly back to Belgium.  They left me on the island of Jerba, saying, “We will see each other again. I dont know where or when but we will.” Two years later I was on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, when I found out that they wanted to come to California to see me.  I made it down there and for a week we where together again.   Then I was back in Europe to testify in a court in Ireland.  I went from there to Yvettes farm.  Where I met her family, was there for the birth of her grand children.  Twins born Prematurely.  It was an intense period, as they where not sure of the out come.  Three years later, I was back again for an exhibition in Mochengladbach, just a two hour drive away.  I went to see them, the twins now three riding bikes and giving kisses. The photo is of Camile, family friends, at his uncles farm.  Together we shrunk the world, put it in our pockets and skipped around.

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