“This is up” Utila Honduras, March 2007

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Utila Honduras, March 2007.

I didn’t know and it wasn’t planned, but our arrival to Utila, was the same time of the whale sharks arrival.  We had both come so far and so not to at least met would be quiet inappropriate.  So we arranged to meet on a sunny day 5 miles south east of the island, in the deep blue of the carribean sea.  My chauffer who meets up regularly with the Whale Shark without need from me continually claimed that the boat is good and fine and that we will make it no problem.  Interestingly enough this had the opposite effect intended.  The waves out here are big open sea rollers, I felt like an ant rising and descending a ruffled carpet.  The engine would strain as we attempted to rise up to the crest of one stall on the top as the driver searched for signs of our rendezvous point, and then speed back down.  We our predestined meeting point was to be the place, where the water turns white with air as the tuna dance on the surface of the sea.  They play roulette with the each other at the mouth of the shark, all feeding upon the delectable bites of krill.  Once arrived, the world turned upside down for a moment as the sun shown high and bright yet the surface of the sea splashed thunderingly as if a storm poured from above.  In the eye of the storm, our guide said “now, jump in quick”.  And there she was, wiggling back in forth in greeting, overwhelmed I was unable to wave back, but joined in the game of roulette with the tuna and swam away from her mouth. Framed by a depthless blue, she is now with me always in my mind and heart.

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