“Two Hands Of Prayer” Rome Italy, December 2006

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Rome Italy, December 2006

There are some things, like or shadow that follow us around but we rarely notice, we rarely speak of them. In Rome December 2006, I was “couchsurfing” in Andrea’s apartment. I had arrived there with out a place to stay and he took me into his home, shared with me his love of music, he was studying music composition in Florence. I met his parents and we went rock climbing together. They like many people I have met along the way opened there home and hearts to me. There are some who do not share in this fortune. This woman, from Romania, between the wealth of cars, knees in the gutter waiting for what may land in her hands, I do the same, but my hands had been filled and I am acutely aware how close our destinies could have been, or still, could be, swapped. Shot in 35mm film.

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