It is where we all come from.
It is to where we all will return.
It happens in a flash
Moments of color, light and shadow
sound and silence.
They are all the same in a way
Nuance notes as it were
In a symphony of life.
I can’t help but think of how I too relate to it all.
That nothing is constant
but the beat. doc doc doc
Can you here it?
We are propelled forward
to a never ending.
We cycle back through
In a wash of color
as the paint buckets are all tipped over
Here I have a better view of it.
The hills help in that,
they roll out in waves
as the light I am as a frequency and wave length
I flow through the tree over the earth and into the sky
Movement is not without stillness
Sound without silence
death with out life.
We are it all.

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